quality assurance

At Arctic Traders we only source our fish from factories that have the necessary Third party Accreditation that we and our customers demand.

We see these accreditations, be it BRC, IFS, MSC, ASC, Global Gap, or BAP as a starting point.

We conduct regular factory audits of our processing sites in partnership with NSF, a global leader in Food Safety certification/auditing.

In addition to the batch testing carried out by our factories, we also send our fish for Independent Chemical/Biological Testing at origin (Intertek). We also utilise the services of a UKAS Accredited Laboratory in the UK who perform Microbiological and Organoleptic tests on each consignment of fish that we receive.

Due to our short supply chains, we are confident there is no chance of species cross contamination, however, as part of our belt & braces approach we send fish for species verification (Electrophoresis) testing. We find it gives customers added reassurance. At Arctic Traders we recognise the importance in being able to communicate with customers where our fish comes from.

Supply chain

Having an intimate understanding of our supply chain means that we can be confident in the knowledge that we are sourcing fish responsibly and at the same time championing some of the excellent fisheries that do so much good work around the world.

Understanding each step in the process from Broodstock fish in Aquaculture or specific catching vessel in Wild catch, ensures we know how the fish has been handled, processed, stored and shipped. Understanding & controlling each step is the only way to ensure we continue to deliver excellent products that our customers will keep coming back for.